Pronounced Le-MOHN-ium which comes from the Greek word leimon which means meadow. Its known in the floristry industry as statice because its appearance hardly changes throughout flowering, but is commonly called sea lavender because it has lilac flowers and grows in coastal areas. It comes in shades of purple and pink.

The flower has narrow stalks which branch off into many slender stems, each branching into further stemlets bearing several tiny papery flowers. The flowers look stunning en masse, by themselves or as an ideal filler for bouquets or floral arrangements. They are very good dried flowers too.

The species is native to the Caucasus, but it has been cultivated in the UK since 1791. Limonium used to be available as a cut flower in high summer only, but growing techniques and imports mean we can enjoy this flower all year round.

  • Misty Blue Limonium