Family: Iridaceae

The history of freesia goes back 200 years to South-Africa where all species were discovered. This beautiful flower received its name from Dr. Christian P. Ecklon who named it after his friend a German botanist, Friedrich H. T. Freese.

Freesias are native to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Freesias grow from a corm, or thickened underground stem. They are important as commercial cut flowers. They are not successful garden plants in the northern U.S. Freesias that are raised in the U.S. are varieties of two wild species, Freesia armstrongi and F. refracta. Freesias can last 10 - 14 days in a vase.

  • Calgary Freesia
  • Cascade Freesia
  • Troubadour Freesia
  • Purple Rain Freesia
  • Pink Fountain Freesia
  • Santana Freesia
  • Santorini Freesia