Lisianthus is a genus of 3 species in the family Gentianaceae, found in warm regions of the Southern United States, Mexico, Caribbean and northern South America. They are mostly found growing in grassland and areas of disturbed ground.

They are herbaceous annuals, growing to 15 - 60 cm tall, with bluish green, slightly succulent leaves, and large funnel shaped flowers growing on long straight stems.

Lisianthus is particularly popular and has a number of cultivars that are grown for the cut flower market. The cultivated flower is also often known as Eustoma, Texas Bluebell, Prairie Gentian, Tulip Gentian or just Gentian, although the latter can cause confusion with the related Gentian plant genus.

  • Dark Purple
  • Variegated Purple
  • Variegated Lavender
  • Lavender
  • Mauve Rose
  • Pink
  • Champagne
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Lime Green