This relatively new product to the industry was named after Charles Bouvard (1572-1658) who was chief horticulturalist for King Lodewijk XIII of France. The selection process of Bouvardia started as early as 1885 in England but major commercial improvements were not achieved until the early 1980's by propagators in Holland. Since that time more than 30 varieties have become available and Pyramid Flowers is proud to grow 11 of the best ones year round.

Through our meticulous growing, harvesting, and post harvest techniques, coupled with an excellent California climate, we at Pyramid Flowers gather all the necessary elements to produce strong and versatile Bouvardia, resulting in excellent vase life and making it the flower of choice among the most demanding and experienced users.

To achieve optimum results the following care and handling procedures should always be applied: Upon receiving a shipment of Bouvardia, all stems should be recut and put immediately in water with preservatives. Avoid locations with direct sunlight or drafts. When used in arrangements or bouquets, all unnecessary foliage should be removed and stems placed so as to keep them in contact with water at all times.

  • Royal Daphne Red
  • Royal Daphne Fresco
  • Royal Daphne
  • Diamond Lite Pink
  • Royal Daphne Supreme