Packaging Tour

  • Pyramid Flowers is proud to be the forerunner of the water pack hamper that allows fresh cut flowers to be packed and shipped upright with the stems in water.
  • This packaging system eliminates the need for immediate processing upon delivery, arriving ready to go. Sizes include (12x16x28,32,36,44) also smaller retail pack (10x12x28,32,36,44)
  • The packing system, coupled with Pyramid's advanced post harvest care and handling, provides flowers in the best possible condition and with the longest possible vase life.
  • This double bucket water pack cardboard system streamlines the shipping of bouquets in a upright position for less damage and fully hydrated, ready to sell bouquets.
  • Pyramid Flowers also has a dry packaging system, all flowers are secured with care in mind to ensure the safest possible travel of the flowers.
  • Dry pack come in various sizes, (40x10x4, 40x8x8, 40x16x8, 40x48x16. Hampers upright dry are also available (44x20x13, 48x13x13, 33x18x17, 12x12x32)
  • Transportation paperwork is double checked physically and electronically.
  • Internal Scanning Program is used to keep track of packed boxes, packers, cooler locations.
  • Boxed flowers are pre-cooled to exactly the right temperature before shipping in a refrigerated cargo area.