Farm & Facility Tour

  • Pyramid is pleased to have a state-of-the-art Dutch Greenhouse. The all-glass 4 acre facility features a 17.5 foot gutter on a venlo-type greenhouse which allows for maximum ventilation. The facility has been designated for bouvardia and lisianthus production.
  • The environmental computer system monitors and regulates all environmental factors such as heating, cooling, irrigation, CO2, lighting, and ceiling shade blackout for artificial night. Dual shade/energy curtains automatically close or open, adjusting sun exposure and helping to maintain optimum growing temperatures.
  • Water is treated by reverse osmosis to make it ideal for the flowers and growing plants.
  • Specialized fertilizers are injected into treated water to promote maximum growth.
  • Pyramid Flowers uses steam sterilization of the soil to promote less use of pesticides in our production process.
  • The Pyramid weather station records temperature, wind velocity, pressure, and precipitation, translating the information into commands that regulate greenhouse climate conditions, vents, and overhead shades. Growers access sophisticated computer systems that receive data from the greenhouses and weather station. The growers then orchestrate all systems to support growth cycles.
  • Several Holland Heaters throughout the greenhouses assist in providing additional heat and CO2 for consistent winter production.
  • Our Bunching System supports our extensive consumer bunch program. The Bunching System reduces labor and mechanical damage and enables mass production. The system gently strips leaves, trims stems, and uniformly bunches flowers.
  • Boxed flowers are pre-cooled to exactly the right temperature before shipping in a refrigerated cargo area.
  • Pyramid Flowers is located just a mile from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Pyramid's high tech greenhouse in full operation with a multitude of different varieties of flowers.
  • Many grade schools are given the opportunity to visit Pyramid Flowers and learn about flowers and how they are grown.